Carbon Reduction Commitment

Carbon Reduction Commitment is an initiative from the government, that is a hot topic for now & the future, but How can Solarshield Help?

The Carbon Reduction Commitment will bring in the UK’s first mandatory carbon trading scheme & started in April 2010. It covers large non-energy intensive business and public sector organisations.

About 5000 Organisations will come within scope of the new legislation, ranging from retailers, banks, water companies, hotel chains, universities and local authorities.

The scheme is compulsory for large organisations using more than 6,000 MWh/year of half-hourly metered electricity, which translates to roughly £500,000 in electricity bills, and is aimed at encouraging these large organisations to reduce their fixed source energy consumption.

Companies will have to start buying carbon allowances to cover their carbon emissions, and that will involve measuring and recording energy use and calculating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

By having Solarshield window films installed, you’ll be keeping solar energy out of your building, resulting in a cooler, more temperate climate for less strain on your HVAC unit and significantly lower utility bills, our clear-view range hardly even alter the light levels either.

In fact, Solarshield is so effective that it usually pays for itself in just a couple of years, as well as contributing to your Organisations continued commitment in reducing your carbon Allowance, so reducing running costs, carbon allowance Vouchers & reducing the risk of fines, if the energy targets set are not met!

Because solarshield rejects solar energy, it leads a reduction in energy used to keep the interior temperature comfortable.

Organizations that have committed to reducing their carbon footprint can easily and cost-effectively fit Solarshield window film into an overall strategy to reduce CO2 emissions.

Also If you are looking for a carbon Neutral Building, Did you know Solarshield Solar Control window film is actually carbon negative! (ie; it saves more energy in it’s lifetime than it takes to produce)

To aid in the analysis Solarshield can offer some survey options which include:

A demand analyser report- This is a very basic outline report calculating the glass area of your building and the savings that can be made in energy in kwh that can be saved, if this is then equated to your cooling energy costs you can get a guide on savings in energy & costs.

This survey is generally free of charge and is a basic guide for your Business

A full Building Information Model is a far more complex and more accurate survey.

Taking into consideration far more intricate details, including locations, building envelopes, colours, glass types, energy useage to name but a few, we can also record the energy and temperature readings before & after Solarshield window film is installed, giving you a far more accurate and total report. There is a charge for this survey and the usual turn around time of approximately 15 days.

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