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    Now that “summer has finally arrived”, customers are searching for solutions to keep the heat outside of the building.
3M Di-Noc Architectural wall covering installation by Solarshield Client - Fenwick's Flagship store in New Bond Street London W1
Please download the brochure by clicking on the link below:
Solarshield are proud to announce the launch of the latest in the range of the Architectural all-seasons window films from Llumar The Llumar Enerlogic stands for a new glass insulation technology that outsmarts the Sun to help You save energy, reduce costs, and increase comfort, all Year round!
Filton High School’s New Block required something eye catching & colourful on the new full length glazed roof-light. The children came up with a colourful patterned design together with a local artist Milly Francis & forwarded this onto the technical team at Solarshield. After numerous trials to get the correct density of colour, the digital film design was agreed and printed onto Solarshield’s optically clear window film.
Solarshield have recently installed some new Digital Graphics for ITN & Channel 4. The Offices & Boardrooms needed brightening up & some design ideas were sent over to Solarshield by the ITN Design team. In the Offices a blank wall & columns needed brightening up, so Solarshield digitally printed an image onto Digi-Paper and this was bonded to the wall, to give a bright and relaxing environment.
Imagine a film which creates a myriad of colour a film which changes colour when you look at it from different angles – a film which gives outstanding optical reflective properties – a film which cancreate excitement and vibrancy around you…

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