windowsfilm1Solarshield’s performance window films can be fitted to existing glass or windows to create a simple, cost-effective solution to most of the problems of ‘ordinary’ glass.

We offer an extensive range of films, all manufactured from advanced, micro-thin polyester, incorporating the very latest nano-technologies. Each one is designed and developed for its special performance characteristics, from containing cracked glass to creating ‘hi-tech’ reflective window systems. They are all extremely tough and durable and they are all warranted by their manufacturers.

For ultimate protection and security, we supply and install a Glass Anchoring & Edge Retention Systems. These advanced battening systems are designed to maximise the effectiveness of existing filmed glass and frames, by preventing the filmed glazing from leaving the frame as and when it breaks. This is particularly important in an overhead situation or when protection from Bomb blast & anti-intrusion is required.

Solarshield range of solar control blind often complement the window films & also work as an effective defence in their own right.

panel-1The blinds can be manually operated and automated, to work as effectively and easily as you require. Our latest range of Verosol high performance blinds, incorporate the very highest quality solar control, reducing heat & glare but also giving a warm finish and an excellent view.

The latest technologies in digital are also incorporated printing in our portfolio & can be incorporated onto our films & blinds, offering unique ways to brand promote or simply improve the environment they are installed in.

Our sister Company Auto Films Direct install the same high technology films to your vehicle, offering the excellent benefits of safety, glare & heat reduction and also the UV reduction to protect occupants & interiors. However if you do not have film installed already and your leather interior is damaged, Auto Films Direct can repair & replace this before enhancing your vehicle with film.

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As a 3M Approved Supplier Solarshield are able to offer the full range of 3M Di-Noc Architectural Finishes.