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Solarshield provide & can carry out a number of glazing surveys on your behalf, from Glazing Audits to ascertain the exact extent of your current glazing, in line with current laws & regulations to full Building Glazing & Film Energy surveys.

Solarshield  provide glazing audits & identify if the current glazing meets current and any forthcoming  requirements, along with any non-compliances & can make recommendations for any upgrades if required.
We have been conducting glazing audits over the past 20 Years for Various Councils, Schools, Hospitals and Buildings, so are fully aware of requirements and working guidelines for numerous clients
A list of some of the Audits Solarshield can carry out are listed below & as follows:

  • Full Glazing Audits in line with Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations
  • Demand Analyser reports (a basic report offering energy savings if solar film is applied)
  • Condition reports on existing filmed Projects.
  • Peel Tests (to ascertain condition of existing aged window film)
  • Bomb Blast Protection surveys
  • Spontaneous breakage (nickel sulphide inclusion damage) for vertical & Overhead Glazing
  • Safety and human impact and other Building Regulation issues
  • Also our Building Information Model is a sophisticated energy analysis process that simulates projected energy savings due to window film installation. This report provides an analysis of heat reduction and energy savings for window film projects before film is applied, providing you with assurances that energy savings will be forthcoming ( we can also record energy savings & temperatures) before and after film installation if required.

Solarshield have recently completed numerous Glazing film Upgrades & Glazing Audits for, The Royal borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, Swansea Council, Shropshire Borough Council, numerous Schools, Hospitals & Offices.
Attached is an example page of the information given on a glazing audit survey.

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