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SafetySecurity1If window glass is coated with one of Solarshield’s range of safety and security films and subjected to accidental impact, violent attack, attempted smash & grab break in, explosion or spontaneous break, the glass might crack or even shatter - but would be contained by the film.


Recent experience shows that 80% of damage to the fabric and fittings of buildings following explosions is caused by the effects of flying glass. In addition, our safety films provide protection against the injuries to personnel from flying glass following bomb blasts. They can greatly reduce the cost and time spent clearing up damaged premises and property following window breakage. Our safety and security films hold shattered glass in place, saving lives, preventing injury, protecting property & deterring unwelcome visitors


SafetySecurity2Solarshield’s range of safety and security window films are designed and tested to hold shattered glass in place. BS 6206 & EN12600 the British & European Standard for impact testing, have numerous classes A, B, C 1B & 2B- to specify the break-safe performance of the glass –we have films available to meet each of these classes as well as numerous other exhaustive tests.

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