Solar Control and Energy Reduction

solarcontrol1Solar heat and glare make life uncomfortable in the office, home or on the workshop floor. Solar energy enters the buildings through ordinary glass windows as radiated heat, light and glare.

Solarshield window films reject a high percentage of solar heat and glare whilst allowing light to pass through, making the installation of solar control films to existing glazing a highly cost efficient way to control temperatures and glare.
It is the employer’s responsibility to provide a comfortable working environment according to current Health & Safety and Display Screen Equipment Regulations. The effectiveness and productivity of staff can be greatly affected when subjected to high temperature and glare. Heat fatigue, eye-strain, headaches and migraine are all symptoms of inadequate solar control and lead to increased absenteeism. The installation of solar control film can help to reduce this dramatically.

With the current push to reduce Energy usage within Buildings solar film is an excellent addition to your measures & can reduce the energy transmitted into a building dramatically.

Did you know it takes 3 times more energy to cool a building & its fabric compared to heating it!

External solar control coatings
Solarshield provides a range of external films which are particularly suitable for rooflights. The films transform glass or polycarbonate into an effective solar shield during the summer. The films are laminated direct to glazing, reducing solar heat gain and glare, providing privacy, security, safety, fade-reduction and microwave rejection to protect computer data. The latest generation of external film incorporates a revolutionary self-healing property to protect the film's surface. Kynar polymer protects the film from UV degradation, extending the film's life.

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