3m master dealer

As the UK’s only 3M Master Window Films Dealer, Solarshield is recognised for the ability to offer quality work, extensive product knowledge and the highest standards of customer service. Our experienced sales team are well prepared to assist you in choosing the appropriate 3M window film products and our trained installers will assure a professional installation. We offer advice on specification and installation of 3M’s entire range of Window Film & Vinyl Range.

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Solarshield are an authorised Llumar Dealer (AFC).
Llumar window film is manufactured by Eastman Chemical company, founded by George Eastman of Eastman Kodak in 1920. Eastman has one of the largest and most integrated window and performance-coated film manufacturing sites in the world. Their product portfolio includes a complete line of commercial and residential architectural window films and automotive films, for safety and security, anti-graffiti and decorative films to enhance energy efficiency, comfort, aesthetics, safety and security. The Llumar commitment to quality is the reason Solarshield have selected them as a supplier. 

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CHAS Contractor Accredited

Solarshield are a CHAS accredited contractor (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) is the market leader for health and safety pre-qualification in the UK. It is available to suppliers (those who provide goods and services) and to organisations (buyers) looking for suitably competent suppliers.

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Construction Line Certified

Solarshield are a Construction Line certified contractor. ConstructionLine is a Government-run scheme, which collects, assesses and monitors your standard company information.


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EXOR Approved Contractor

Solarshield are an EXOR approved contractor. EXOR is an established SSIP Accredited Contractor Competence Assessment Scheme used to determine if contractors meet minimum Health and Safety Requirements. The EXOR Health and Safety Assessment provides clients with added assurances as to the Health and Safety Competence and Arrangements of the EXOR Accredited Contractors. It offers a straight forward process to help SME’s tender for Public sector work more easily and efficiently. Exor provides suppliers with a questionnaire that is aligned to government procurement standards including PAS 91. It covers 5 core public sector procurement disciplines – financial, safety, environmental, quality and social value.

Find out more by visiting exorms.co.uk



ISO 9001 Registered

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Solarshield are an ISO 9001 registered organisation. ISO 9001 is the most widely recognised quality management system standard in the world. It demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to supplying a product or service that consistently meets your customers’ requirements. UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification is frequently a condition of being a supplier to large companies, Local Government departments or Government funded bodies (e.g. NHS, MOD).

The emphasis of ISO 9001:2008 is on maintaining well defined operating processes and striving to continually improve what you do – to the benefit of your customers, your staff and your organisation. It does not require you to change any of your operating processes but simply ensure that they are consistent and controlled.

A good Quality Management System is built around the business and not around the standard. It should be easy to maintain and set up so you can focus on your business needs and not on ISO 9001.

The ISO 9001 process provides a robust framework for improving every organisation’s quality system by adopting eight quality management principles:

  1. Customer focus
  2. Leadership
  3. Involvement of people
  4. Documented Processes
  5. Integrated systems
  6. Continuous improvement
  7. A factual approach to decision making
  8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

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GGF Members (Glass & Glazing Federation)

Solarshield are members of the GGF (Glass & Glazing Federation). Clients choosing a GGF member company will benefit from the GGF’s strict vetting process of all its members and its insistence that all members work to the highest technical specifications in compliance with building regulations. Homeowners can rest assured that by choosing a GGF Member Company they will get high quality products, service and workmanship. By choosing Solarshield you will be covered by the GGF Conciliation Service and Customer Deposit Scheme.