Dazzling Dichroic Dodecahedron

3M Dichroic Colour Transformation


Dazzling Dodecahedron, an installation presented at the Canary Wharf winter lights festival, as sculptures, structures and installations are presented in different forms of light technology. Solarshield we asked to install 3M Dichroic Colour Change Film to this vibrant sculpture.

3M Dichroic Window Film

3M Dichroic window film is a premium grade non PVC film used to create iridescent, decorative colour shifting effects on glass. Available in cool and warm tones with or without adhesive. 3M Dichroic glass finishes offer a way to create a unique, ever-changing colour to many interior building surfaces. Influenced by the colour of the substrate, this transparent product provides a dichroic colour effect, meaning it appears to change colour when viewed at various angles.

  • Polyester PVC-Free
  • 3-7 year durability
  • Internal use
  • 70-140 microns
  • Clear, permanent adhesive
  • Non-adhesive version available