Bishopsgate, Central London.

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Bishopsgate, Central London.


European Bank of Reconstruction and Development


Solarshield successfully completed the replacement of existing anti shatter film to the glazing of the prestigious London Head Office of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Bishopsgate, Central London.

The new film complies with current Ministry of Defence recommendations and American GSA (Government Service Agency) standards for bomb blast protection.

In some areas additional solar control film and privacy film was installed to enhance the performance of glass. Some high risk areas also had additional glass containment systems installed for extra protection. The glass containment system selected featured a bespoke powder coated aluminium system designed to discreetly match the existing window frames.

The work was carried out over 14 weekends on 12 Floors and approximately 5100m² of glass was treated by Solarshield, providing added protection to personnel and the property. Some of the works in the glass atrium involved the installation of high level access platforms to reach over 20 metres above floor level. Special lightweight aluminium materials were used to keep the load on the structure to a minimum.

The installation carries a full 10 year manufacturer’s warranty when installed by Solarshield.

Solarshield specialise in complex window film installations.

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