GGF (Glass & Glazing Federation) benefits from Solarshield window film installation

The 3rd floor office extension of the GGF building at 54 Ayers Street, London consisted of an all glass box construction. Despite the installed glass being high performance solar glass, the occupants suffered from excessive heat gain and glare when located near the windows. There was also a significant use of energy when cooling the space with air conditioning.

Although blinds could have been used to control the glare, they were not practical and also spoilt the panoramic view enjoyed from this top floor office. They would also have little effect on the heat gain problems or energy usage. 

Solarshield were contracted to install a high performance neutral coloured external solar control film to reduce the glare by 80% and the heat by 70% and also helping to reduce air conditioning usage by upto 30%, giving a payback period of around three years. 

The corresponding energy analysis showed that more than 125 kWh of energy (£15) would be saved per square metre of glass.