Anti Graffiti Window Films - Cost Effective Protection Against Graffiti

Protect surfaces against scratches, gouges and tagging with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

  • Surface protection against most scratches, acid etching, gouges and tagging 
  • Cost effect barrier to replacement glass
  • Easy to remove and replace
  • A fraction of the cost of new glass
  • 99% UV rejection helps reduce fading of display merchandise

Graffiti and vandalism is a common and expensive problem. Replacing glass that has been subject to graffiti is costly, but can be avoided with an application of anti-graffiti window film.

The application of anti-graffiti window film to glass can help protect your windows and minimise damage from vandalism or scratches and gouges caused by passing foot traffic. Why replace the entire window when you can simply replace it with a cost-effective barrier? Anti-Graffiti Film can be removed and replaced quickly and cost-effectively rather than replacing the entire pane of glass.

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    Graffiti artists are changing their techniques to create their “works of art.” In place of using only spray paints and markers to deface glass and other smooth surfaces, vandals are also using glass-etching solutions and tungsten carbide styluses for scratching and defacing property. Scotchgard™ will resist these and other types of graffiti while protecting property. Once applied the film will also provide protection from flying glass by holding the glass together.

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