The need for added protection in glazed areas is a duty of care for building owners and managers. In the event of a bomb blast, explosion or vandalism glazing is particularly vulnerable. The application of blast mitigation or safety and security window film combined with a glass containment system will significantly reduce the risk of injury to people, help protect damage to property and deter thieves.

Blast mitigation and security films absorb energy from an explosion or impact. The film holds broken glass in place, preventing dangerous shards of glass flying out of the frame. For maximum protection film combined with a glass, containment system provides enhanced protection in areas which are particularly vulnerable.

Blast mitigation films are available in several thicknesses, choosing the correct thickness is critical. Solarshield's team can recommend which system should be selected for a particular glass type or building and will ensure that the correct film and glass containment system is selected. Films are available in clear, tinted and obscure combinations.

Blast Mitigation Films - Protection for People and Property

Anti-shatter window film combined with a glass containment system

Safety & Security film combined with a glass containment system

Projectile fired at filmed glass

Anti-Shatter Bomb Blast Mitigation Window Films

 A high percentage of injuries in an explosion or bomb blast are caused by flying glass fragments. The toughened glass alone does not provide adequate protection to people or property in the event of an explosion or bomb blast.

Blast mitigation films absorb energy from an explosion or impact on the glass. The film holds broken glass in place, preventing dangerous fragments of glass from flying out of the frame. Bomb blast, safety and security films are available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes. Specification and installation of the correct film type are critical for maximum effectiveness.

Benefits of anti-shatter bomb blast films

  • Reduce the risk of injury to people
  • Protect damage to property
  • Deter unwelcomed visitors

bomb blast film

Glass Containment Systems

For the ultimate protection and security we advise that a glass containment system should be installed along with the film. This is an advanced battening system that is designed to maximise the effectiveness of existing filmed glass and frames by preventing the filmed glazing from leaving the frame as and when it breaks. The edge batten traps the film to the frame, reducing the risk in highly vulnerable areas by containing the glass fragments within the frame safely and securely until it can be replaced.

Benefits of Glass Containment Systems

  • Maximum protection to the existing filmed glass
  • Prevent filmed glass from leaving the frame when broken
  • Ideal for overhead glazing and roof atria
  • Can help withstand a more sustained attack

Bomb blast, safety and security films are available in a range of finishes to change the characteristics of glass. Finishes include clear, tinted and obscure combinations to provide privacy, solar control and decorative characteristics.

Recommended Safety Products
    A patented micro-layer film with superior strength adhesive system. These products are designed to hold broken glass onto the film thus reducing the possibility of injury or damage caused by flying glass shards. Because of the unique tear resistant properties of our micro-layer film, it also provides security and impact resistance for Bomb Blasts, Extreme Weather, Smash & Grab, Explosions. Some of these films also provide sun control features.

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