Is your conservatory too hot?
Suffering from glare?
Problems with fading?

Solarshield offer a wide range of high performance solar control window films that can dramatically reduce the problems associated with heat gain, solar glare and problems with fading. Keep your conservatory cool with window film supplied and installed by Solarshield, UK based window film specialists.


There are a range of different window films available to solve the problems we face with conservatories. Speak to a member of our technical team who can talk you through the selection of films which can help to keep your conservatory cool, reduce glare and also prevent fade damage to fixtures and furnishings. We also offer a range of Low E Insulating window films designed to reduce heat loss through glass by up to 30%.

UV filter and fade reduction films are particularly suitable for application in conservatories or applications such as museums, shopfronts, art galleries and stately homes when issues of fading can have potentially huge cost implications. UV filter and fade reduction window films are specially designed to filter out at least 99% of harmful UV and reject infra-red heat and are designed to leave a pleasantly lit living space or display environment.

UV filter and fade reduction films are available in a variety of finishes and grades, from ultra clear films which are virtually undetectable to tinted or reflective films which offer high performance and a choice visual characteristics. Our latest range of Clearview films also come with a Solarshield installed warranty of up to 16 Years


Curtains, carpets, wall-coverings furnishings, furniture and pictures are all susceptible to the 7 main factors which lead to fading, these are

  •  Ultraviolet light
  •  Visible light / Infra Red
  •  Solar heat
  •  Chemical vapours (including ozone from eg. Photocopiers)
  •  Material age
  •  Dye fastness
  •  Miscellaneous (including indoor artificial lighting and humidity)

To completely eliminate fading due by the sun the window would need to be blacked out however by using Solarshield window films we can offer the maximum protection available with a film from UV light, visible light / infra red and some solar heat.  (Internal factors such as indoor lighting, humidity and poor quality dye (anchorage) cannot be reduced by the use of films.)

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