Cover Styl is a unique self adhesive vinyl film that can be used to transform all kinds of surfaces and furniture. Cover Styl incorporates over 150 different product finishes grouped into eight product ranges including wood effects, leather, marble, glitter, metallic, solid colours, natural stone effects and fabric finishes which seamlessly recreate the visual and tactile properties of natural materials.

A cost-effective alternative to the use of classic refurbishment techniques

It has never been easier to carry out a renovation project. Breathe new life into your furniture and interior surfaces with Cover Styl’. A highly cost-effective alternative to the use of classic refurbishment techniques for the same result. A low-maintenance vinyl covering that is both quick and easy to apply, offering additional benefits such as resistance to UV rays and fire.

Easy, effortless and ultra fast installation process.

Cover Styl’ self adhesive vinyl coverings can be applied to most items of furniture and wall surfaces, conforming effectively to every crease and curve. Take a look at our photo gallery in order to get a better idea of the final appearance of the Cover Styl’ product once applied. A quick and easy material to maintain, its external surface's remarkable qualities facilitate cleaning, prevent marking and impede mould growth. Cover Style products are rated A+ on VOC tests (indoor emissions), UV resistant and fire resistant. Finishes range in thicknesses between 200 and 350 microns depending on the type of film used, conferring a highly authentic result.


Solarshield have a team off fitters who have been fully trained in the installation of Cover Style products. To request a product consultation, free samples or support with your project, please contact us.

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