The training took place at Cover Styl’s training centre in Paris. During the training installers learnt about theoretical and practical skills associated with this unique product. The first part of the training concentrated on learning about the various Cover Styl products, the ranges and finishes available, material lengths and the technical specifications of the products.

The second part of the training focused on the installation process, where the products can be installed, the installation support process, what tools to use, installation tricks and what mistakes to avoid. Solarshield’s team attended a practical workshop where they learnt how to cover specialised doors and surfaces, how to wrap curved equipment such as bells and chairs and gained knowledge of the multiple ways of wrapping corners.

During the second day a competition was organised, where installers were marked on the quality of their installation, the timing and also the finish. Sam Bridgen, one of our Technofilms Installers was awarded with a bottle of champagne along with certification for all of the installers who attended the training.

We are delighted to have completed the training and Solarshield are now able to offer the full range of Cover Styl products. For more information please contact us or visit our Cover Styl page.