Reduce the risks caused by broken glass in overhead, high risk areas

Overhead glazing, roof atria, roof-lights, curtain walling and highly glazed public areas can pose a number of safety issues. The risks associated with nickel sulfide inclusions in toughened glass mean that a glass panel could spontaneously break at anytime without warning. If this happens in overhead glazing, roof atria, roof-lights or curtain walling, the consequences could be extremely serious.

The application of Safety & Security Window Film combined with a glass containment system will significantly reduce the risk of injury to people, help protect damage to property and deter thieves.

Solarshield’s provide a range of high performance safety and security window films that have been developed and tested to hold shattered glass in place. All of our films have been tested to meet ISO, British and European standard’s and classes for impact testing.

In appearance generally Safety & Security Films are clear when installed correctly to manufactures instructions. They are available in a range of thicknesses to provide different levels of protection. They can also be combined to change the performance of glass, providing privacy, solar control and decorative finishes as well as safety and security.

Safety & security films are generally retrofitted to existing glass and applied internally. The existing glass type and glazing configuration must be determined before safety and security films are recommended, specified or installed. We recommend that they are installed by a trained accredited window film specialist for ensure maximum product performance and quality.

If window glass is coated with Solarshield’s safety & security film and subjected to accidental impact, violent attack, attempted smash an grab, break in, explosion or spontaneous break, the glass might crack or even shatter but the glass would be contained by the film, holding shattered glass in place.

For the ultimate protection and security we advise that a glass containment system should be installed along with safety and security film. This is an advanced battening system that is designed to maximise the effectiveness of existing filmed glass and frames by preventing the filmed glazing from leaving the frame as and when it breaks. The edge batten traps the film to the frame, reducing the risk in highly vulnerable areas by containing the glass fragments within the frame safely and securely until it can be replaced.

Depending on glass type, installation, frame type and the level of protection required we can advise on the most appropriate glass containment system for your project.

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