For perfect sun protection and optimal indoor climate - Perfect protection and clear vision.

  • Superior solar control film which is thinner than a Post-it sticker, but it still provides excellent solar performance values
  • Clear vision, optimum indoor climate and increased protection from UV radiation
  • Innovative heat protection in summer, hardly any heat loss during winter
The secret of the 3M Prestige Series is the multilayer design based on nanotechnology. The metal-free solar control film for interior and exterior applications is wafer-thin at 0.058mm but consists of a multitude of transparent layers of acrylic and polyester in systematically changing order.

3M Prestige Solar Control FilmsInnovative heat protection in summer, hardly any heat loss during winter

The function values typical for glass are based on vertical installations - 90 degrees against horizontal. At an angle of 60 degrees, the efficiency factor in 3M Window Films is significantly higher than in comparable solar control window films. Due to the unique construction, Prestige Window Films reflect proportionally more sun energy at high than at low solar altitude. This means maximum protection from heat in summer and hardly any noticeable reduction during the winter months.

Reduced energy consumption and cost reduction

One essential advantage of the 3M Prestige Sun Protection film is the excellent heat protection for a significant reduction of the energy costs. It is, therefore, possible to forego expensive refitting of an air conditioning system. Equally, conventional shade providing systems, which significantly reduce the incoming daylight, is a thing of the past.

Optimum room climate for optimum productivity

A pleasant room climate and sufficient daylight guarantee continuously high efficiency. If the ideal temperature of 23 degrees Celsius in offices is exceeded, by just a few degrees, the ability to concentrate is significantly reduced.

With Prestige Sun Protection Films you benefit with optimum room temperatures and unlimited daylight.

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