Solarshield supply and install a range of high performance solar control window films which can dramatically reduce solar heat gain and control glare. Solar energy enters the buildings through windows as radiated heat, light and glare, the installation of Solar control film can provide a highly effective barrier. Solar control window films reject a high percentage of solar heat and glare whilst allowing light to pass through, making the installation of solar control films to existing glazing a highly cost efficient way to control temperatures and glare.

There are a large variety of solar control window films available which are designed to reduce the build-up of heat within a building. Solar films can vary in appearance and performance and are available in a wide variety of finishes, from reflective mirrored effects and tinted films to clear films which are virtually undetectable.

It is the employer’s responsibility to provide a comfortable working environment according to current Health & Safety and Display Screen Equipment Regulations. The effectiveness and productivity of staff can be greatly affected when subjected to high temperature and glare. Heat fatigue, eye-strain, headaches and migraine are all symptoms of inadequate solar control. The installation of solar control film can dramatically help.