Solarshield offer a range of UV reducing films can offer added protection against harmful UV rays. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause many coloured or painted materials to fade. Damage due to fading is caused by UV light, visible light, heat (including infra-red light), artificial lighting, humidity and poor dye anchorage. UV light, visible light and heat account for 90% of fading.

UV filter and fade reduction films are particularly suitable for application in museums, shopfronts, art galleries and stately homes when issues of fading can have potentially huge cost implications.

UV filter and fade reduction window films are specially designed to filter out at least 99% of harmful UV and reject infra-red heat and are designed to leave a pleasantly lit living space or display environment.

UV filter and fade reduction films are available in a variety of finishes and grades, from ultra clear films which are virtually undetectable to tinted or reflective films which offer high performance and a choice visual characteristics. Our latest range of Clearview films also come with a Solarshield installed warranty of up to 16 Years.