Solar heat gain, glare and fading is a particular problem in highly glazed buildings. The installation of high performance solar control window film is an efficient and cost effective way of tackling these problems. 

Solar control window films provide heat reduction, anti glare control, insulation and fade reduction properties

There are a range of solar control films available providing heat and glare control, fade reduction, insulation and daylight redirection. Solar control films vary in appearance and performance and are available in a range of colours and finishes; from reflective and tinted films to clear films which are virtually undetectable. Films can be applied internally or externally and also combined with other properties such as safety, security or privacy, 

Solarshield have worked with the leading manufacturers of window films and we can help specify the highest performing products to resolve the problems associated with inadequate solar control. We offer a nationawide survey, supply and installation service. 

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Glazing Energy Surveys

Solarshield offer glazing energy surveys for clients looking to improve the energy efficiency of windows in buildings, which demonstrate the potential energy savings that can be achieved with the application of solar control window film products.

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